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wholesalepallets.com Please please be advise do not use wholesalepallets.com.They subcontract everything out and then don't stand behind the product.

They invoice you for more product then they ship and then act like they shipped 100% even when the paperwork doesn't show it. Pallets we received where also of poor quality. You are much better off going directly to a local pallet manufacture. That is what we did and we have been much better off and much happy with the customer service and the quality of the product.

Cut out the middleman and their markup.Go straight to your local guy.

Review about: Shipping Pallets.



This is the opposite of my experience. I've dealt with them for about 10 years now and they are my favorite supplier and I have lots. They're about the only company I'd trust to look after any problem or issue.

So this complaint doesn't add up.


As an agent for WP, I challenge you in public to prove you really were a customer.

You are a liar and there are laws against liable. Clearly there is no way you ever were a customer because we go beyond the call of duty to make sure all customers are happy. If anyone ever has an issue with ANYTHING, our policy is, the customer is always right and that is why 99% of our business is repeat business. There is no way you were ever a customer who expressed any dissatisfaction or you would have been taken care of period. If there was ever a problem, we'd remember it and we'd be able to figure out who you are.

The burden of proof is on you so please identify an invoice a date or anything. Please provide it publicly or clearly you a very dirty competitor who has just done an illegal act, causing us damage.

What is your company name so we can credit you for all these multiple infractions that we do all the time?

To defend our good name, we will try and discover your identity and post it here for all to see.

Please reply or people need to know you are a liar and this is serious liable. If you had a single complaint it might have been more believable.

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